Quite a year for Alaska: 50th anniversary and summer deals

As the most remote state, Alaska is often overlooked or delayed as a travel destination. But this might be the year to rethink that.

In anticipation of a slow summer season, the state’s travel industry association is pulling out all of the stops to assure travelers that it’s affordable and accessible. The high season is still a few months away (May-September), but we’re already getting word of travel deals.

The Alaska Travel Industry Association’s website has started a running tally of deals from the 1,100 businesses that make up the organization. Here’s a stand-out: a seven-night Alaska cruise for $399.

Yet another reason to go: this year marks the state’s 50th anniversary, which bodes well for both deals and celebrations. Are you turning 50 this year, too? You’re in luck–you can ride on the Alaska Railroad for free and get the 2nd night of your stay at a Denali Park Resort for free.

Check the website’s travel news bulletin for information on new facilities, tours, deals, and events.