The Midwest capital of the albino white squirrel

Next time you wake up in the morning, and decide that you’d love to visit some albino white squirrels, get in your car and make the drive to Olney, IL.

I’m serious – there is a town in Illinois who’s sole claim to fame is their population of albino squirrels.

Once you get to Olney, be careful of the squirrels – they have the right of way on any street and squashing one of the poor critters will cost you $200.

In 1997, the town banned dogs and cats from running at large, and an official squirrel count is held each fall.

Their chamber of commerce, town information site and newspaper all proudly display white squirrels, and their cop cars show a police badge with what else – a white squirrel.

Unfortunately, Olney doesn’t have that much more to offer, so making the 254 mile drive from Chicago is only worth it if you really, really like albino squirrels.