Albuquerque Turns 300

New Mexico residents we hardly knew ye. If youda
asked me how old the city of Albuquerque is, I might have said a hundred or so years. I’m picturing cowboys roaming the
range, settlers in Conestoga wagons. Well, all that is true, but it all goes back much further than a century.
Albuquerque, it turns out, is gong to be 300 years old in just a few days, and you, dear friends, can go there and help
her (him?) celebrate.

Yes, Albuquerque’s Tricentennial Birthday Party
takes place April 20-23 featuring the premier of the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra’s original opera for the
Tricentennial. the opera is called "Time and Again Barelas," which in English means Barelas, the Time and
Also More. The event, should you decide that there is nothing better to do, will be held on Thursday at 8 p.m. at the
National Hispanic Cultural Center. So get your mountain bike, head to New Mexico and ready your lungs to blow out one
helluva lot of candles.