Experience Tim Burton’s version of “Alice in Wonderland” in Cornwall, England

Tim Burton’s 3D version of the classic “Alice in Wonderland” tale — starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen — opens March 5.

Since the movie is a mix of live action, animation, and computer graphics, you can’t exactly visit all the film locations and stand where Johnny stood. The live-action sequences, however, were shot in Cornwall, England at the National Trust’s Antony House. To capitalize on the inevitable interest, the National Trust is hosting Alice-themed events at the 18th-century mansion through October 31.

Events: Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties will be held on the Cork Oak Lawn every weekend starting March 6. Explore the house on March 16 and you’ll see Alice’s bedroom and other rooms that appear in the movie. (As part of the installation, the National Trust is decorating the rooms to look as they did during filming.) The White Rabbit Easter Trail, sponsored by Cadbury chocolate April 2 to 9, leads kids through the landscaped gardens, while a week-long schedule of children’s activities from May 29 to June 3 will include a gigantic chessboard with life-size pieces. Kids of all ages can learn how to play croquet at workshops held on July 21, 28, August 5, 19 and 25.

Details: Standard admission is £7.50 for adults and £4.90 for kids. If you’re a member of the Royal Oak Foundation (the U.S. affiliate of the National Trust), you can access the grounds and the house for free. The house, garden, and tea room have different operating hours so double-check before you make the trek. Some of the events, such as the Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties or Easter Trail, will cost a little extra.


Photo of the Day (08.10.08)

Here’s a destination you don’t see too often. Flickr user Phojo11 captured this cool wall of Alice in Wonderland graffiti while traveling through Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. It’s heartening to see that tourism is returning to this formerly war-torn region, and also heartening to see that artistic output is thriving again as well.

I especially like the bright colors. The blue wall here almost seems ready to fade into the sky above if it wasn’t for those few green trees poking over the top. Not to mention that fearsome-looking Cheshire Cat right in the middle of the image.

Have you taken any street art photos during your travels? Or perhaps just a beautiful cityscape? Add it to Gadling’s photo pool on Flickr, and it just might end up as our Photo of the Day.