Flying Kites for Family & Guatemala’s Dead

Every November 1 better known as All Saint’s Day in Guatemala, the people of Santiago Sacatepequez gather in crowds with enormous homemade kites to celebrate both family and those who have come and gone. From the cemetery residents will set their kites to soar in the skies as a tourist or two sits watching in awe on top of the graves. In this warm travel piece found in the Miami Herald, Kevin Revolinski describes el Dia de Todos los Santos, a holiday with traditions more than 100 years old. While I’ve never placed Guatemala in any of my future travel plans I can’t deny the whimsical sound of celebrating both life and death sounds worth checking out.

Flying kites for any reason is something I’ve always taken fancy to yet never really have the time to embrace on my own. So that I don’t get too carried away or sidetracked here, this one is worth the read if you’re heading down to Central America soon and if you happen to make it to this event, please report back with a word or two of your own.

via MiamiHerald