New and improved Amazon Kindle – new price, new colors, new features

Our friends at Engadget have the scoop on some new and improved Amazon Kindle developments. Starting on August 27, you’ll be able to order the new WiFi only Kindle – and by dropping 3G, you bring the price down to a completely insane $139 – a whopping $260 cheaper than the introduction Kindle launched back in 2007.

A 3G version will still be available, for the current price ($189) and still offering international download support on almost any 3G/GSM network.

Other improvements can be found in a faster screen refresh, tweaked buttons, more storage space (4GB) and a new color – graphite. Battery life has also improved to a whopping 30 days standby and 10 days with wireless turned on.

There is no denying that the Kindle has completely transformed the world of books, competition has popped up from every major book retailer, and really made ebooks a very popular choice for travelers.

Being able to leave bulky books at home, and order books over the air without visiting the book store makes travel so much easier. In many cases, an ebppl reader can even replace travel guides and provide a quick way to visit web sites and other online services.