Which country sucks the most? Ask Google.

Google can do just about anything: create maps, find pictures, bring you the news, and help you shop. But can it tell you which countries suck the most? I recently conducted an experiment to find out…

Research materials

Laptop, internet connection, way too much free time

Research method

1. Open Google.

2. Type in “[name of country] sucks”

3. Record the number of hits.

4. Repeat until boredom sets in.


Of the countries I tested, America sucks the most by far, with over 120,000 hits. (We’re number one!! USA! USA! USA!) That’s more than twice as much as Canada sucks, and– surprise– four times more than France. In South America, Brazil barely edges out Argentina for suckiest country, while Suriname sucks the least, with only 7 hits.

Although North Korea is frequently criticized for, well, everything, surprisingly few people, about 700, think it sucks. Thailand sucks twice as much as North Korea, and China and India set the pace for Asian suckiness, with about 15,000 hits each.

Sweden sucks five times more than Norway, while Spain (4,150 hits) is a paradise when compared with Germany (14,500).

I also tested several US states, and the results brought few surprises. Texas sucks the most by a lot– about 35,700 hits– and I say that as someone who likes Texas. New York and California also suck quite a bit, with over 20,000 hits. Hawaii hardly sucks at all, and neither does Alaska.

Want to check out how much your hometown sucks? Head over to Google and find out.