Out of the U.S. on the 4th of July? Try a Hard Rock Cafe

When I did a search to find 4th of July events not in the United States, I found this article in Suite 101.enter curious. The article mentions Hard Rock Cafes as possible places for an American style Independence Day. Following the tip, I went looking. Here are the special events I found. Since the Hard Rock Cafe Web site lists all Hard Rocks around the world, you might be able to find more events later in the week. The ones I’m listing are where you get free stuff–or a burger that is cheaper than normal. Along with the 4th of July events, there are other events tthroughout July. Several of them capture the flavor of the country where a Hard Rock Cafe is located.

  • At the Hard Rock Cafe in Athens, Greece you can get a cheeseburger and a Miller beer for 8 Euros.
  • In Cologne, Germany, if your birthday is the 4th of July you get a free beer.
  • In Copenhagan, Denmark, if you show your American passport you get a free beer.
  • In Warsaw, Poland, forget the beer. If you buy two you get two of Manhattans, Long Island Iced Teas or Jim Beam.
  • In Barcelona, Spain if you have American ID you get a HRC souvenir.

The Hard Rock in Tokyo doesn’t have a 4th of July event listed yet, but I’m mentioning it anyway. My first visit to a Hard Rock Cafe was here. A Japanese friend took me. I still remember the insanely expensive Mt. Fuji burger,. Since my frieind was buying, I was certainly happy to eat it. The only other Hard Rock Cafe I’ve been to is in Cleveland, Ohio. I brought my Danish friend there for some reason when she was visiting me from Denmark. We probably went here because it was close to somewhere else we were going and it seemed like a touristy thing to do. It was.