Rat on Plane?

From the sound of this Gridskipper blurb about a
first-hand affair with a tiny, furry  vermin running about the airplane cabin on a flight into JFK, lets just say
I’m glad it wasn’t me. Imagine. According to his tale the plane was about to descend for landing when he felt a few
taps and an "odd pulling" on his pant leg, the kind that obviously couldn’t come from the restless passenger
behind you and could only be accomplished by a rat. YES, A RAT on the plane.
His reaction to the critter’s friendly pre-landing probing – he let out a yelp. A yelp! Now here’s where I would have
seriously caused a scene and surely wouldn’t have handled things the way the author did, but you’ll have to let him
tell it.

Before he signs off of this horrific in-flight tale he polls readers to find out what stories
they’ve got to share as well. Vermin, roaches or what have you and as far as I’m concerned I’ll pass on anything too
wild. The rat on my favorite airline was enough for now. Thank you.