U.S. legacy carriers grab top spots in “worst company” chart

Ask anyone what they consider to be a “bad company”, and most of them will mention their bank, their regular airline and their cable company. Because of this, U.S. airlines tend to score pretty bad in the monthly report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Business Insider collected the most recent data, and lists the top 18 worst companies in America – and it’ll come as no surprise that four of the top ten companies are airlines.

In fact, Americans think so little of the legacy carriers, that the ones that made the list even managed to score lower than the biggest banks.

When customers think United Airlines scores worse than banks that have been in the news due to mortgage fraud issues, you just know they suffer from a customer service problem. In the top ten, here are the worst airlines in America:

#7 – American Airlines
#6- Delta Airlines
#5 – US Airways
#2 – United Airlines

The one thing these airlines all have in common is baggage fees – and sure enough, the common complaints mentioned in the research all point to baggage fees being a reason for customers to rate them so low. Delays are of course also a big factor in how passengers rate customer service. None of the low cost carriers made the list, and no carrier with free baggage allowances is mentioned either. Bottom line; if an airline is going to charge for baggage, they’d better make sure the rest of their service is top notch or they’ll be stuck in this list forever.%Gallery-64688%