Top 10 places to see affordable modern dance in New York City

I may not be a dance expert of any sort, but I love what Andrea Gise does. Andrea is a Brooklyn-based artist, a dancer and a choreographer. She heads up agise & dancers out of Williamsburg. She recently released a beautiful dance video, shot all over Brooklyn, titled SNAP. I recently picked Gise’s brain a little bit. I asked her for a list of her 10 favorite places to see modern dance in New York City. But not just any ol’ performance space, rather, places with shows that can, relatively speaking, appeal to those on a budget. I mean, hey, I would have loved to have gone out two or three times a week to $75 dance shows while I was living in New York, but since I was living in New York, it was never gonna happen.

And so, alas, here is an Andrea Gise-provided, Elizabeth Seward-approved list of places to see affordable modern dance in New York City.BROOKLYN MODERN DANCE


Video: SNAP featuring Brooklyn

SNAP from andrea gise on Vimeo.

Agise & dancers is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based dance company headed up by a talented lady, Andrea Gise. Gise is a dancer/choreographer who has been releasing videos of her work lately. Agise & Dancers recently released an amazing video, titled SNAP. The video work for SNAP was done by Philip Knowlton.

Why am I telling you about this video? Because it features Brooklyn in a beautiful way. Shot in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, these guys did well with their location-scouting because the Brooklyn backdrop for this video is so very Brooklyn. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Check out the video for some excellent dance and beautiful Brooklyn moments captured on film.