Bahamas tour that doesn’t include Anna Nicole Smith

When I saw the New York Times article “36 Hours in the Nassau, the Bahamas,” I wondered if anything having to do with Anna Nicole Smith would be included. [see previous post] Right after Anna Nicole died, taxi drivers would take folks who wanted to see the pertinent places of her life and death on unofficial tours.

The New York Times article didn’t mention Anna at all. Not a peep. Instead of dabbling in low brow culture, go high brow. In 36 hours you can take in the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, swim with sharks, watch a cricket game, meander through the botanical gardens and more.

When my dad and daughter went to the Bahamas on a quick cruise, my dad wasn’t too impressed with Nassau. If he’d had the itinerary outlined in the article, he probably would have come away with a totally different idea. Still, there’s a lot about going to the Bahamas that sounds like lounging and the beach. He’s not a lounger–and he doesn’t smoke cigars as suggested, but the Poop Deck Restaurant would have been perfect.