Photo Of The Day: Sunrise At Monument Valley

Utah’s Monument Valley is home to some of the most iconic rock formations on earth, formations that have played host to numerous nature lovers, photographers and filmmakers who come to soak in their visual beauty. Today’s photo, taken by Flickr user oilfighter, offers us a magnificent and unique look at these world-famous geological oddities. Taken at sunrise, the two lone rock pinnacles lie in shadow, accentuated by the warm yellows and smoky oranges that herald the coming of a new day.

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Photo Of The Day: The Wave In Utah

The amazing rock formation above, captured by Flickr user oilfighter, is called The Wave. Set near the border of Utah and Arizona, the intricate lines have been etched into the sandstone by millions of years of erosion and wind. It makes for a visually stunning setting doesn’t it? If you’re interested in seeing this amazing geological oddity in person, make sure to plan ahead – the Bureau of Land Management only allows 20 visitors per day in order to protect the site from damage.

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Photo of the Day: Ansel Adams Wilderness

Arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen said, “The first great thing is to find yourself, and for that you need solitude and contemplation, at least sometimes. I tell you deliverance will not come from the rushing, noisy centers of civilization. It will come from the lonely places.”

The wilderness calls to us all, and it’s easy to see why in this beautiful shot by Buck Forester from Gadling’s flickr pool. It’s of the famous “minarets” above Lake Ediza in the Ansel Adams Wilderness in California. I love how Buck captured the early morning light on the peaks, and how the stream softens the bottom half of the photo in contrast to the jagged rocks above.

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Photo of the Day (11.14.10)

Congratulations to Flickr user twoeightnine on this absolutely stunning shot of the Grand Canyon. From the dramatic ridges and crevices of the canyon, each crisply outlined by shadow, to the fluffy white clouds drifting on a brilliant blue sky, there’s plenty of great visual intrigue to move your eye around the photo. Wondering how to take your own Ansel Adams-worthy masterpiece like this one? First start by picking the right time of day. Typically the early morning and just before sunset are best – you’ll get better shadows which add depth to your subject. Then when you’re home from your trip, don’t be afraid to edit the shot in a program like Photoshop, which will help you brighten up the colors. Don’t think of it as cheating – you’re simply making your photo look its best!

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