Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight, Names Baby After Flight Attendant

No, we’re not making this up. A woman flying to Armenia from Siberia gave birth aboard an Armavaia flight, Huffington Post reported, and, after landing safely with a healthy baby in tow, named her newborn after the flight attendant who helped deliver the child. The woman claimed to be only 6 1/2 months along.

According to the Mayo Clinic, traveling at that stage of pregnancy is actually considered safe; healthy women can travel until their 36th week, generally their eighth month of pregnancy, although it is suggested that women over 28 weeks may not have a comfortable flying experience.
Still, we can’t imagine taking the long flight – at least eight hours – while pregnant, let alone well into our second trimester.

What do you think, readers? Was the woman crazy, or just eager to get home?

[Image Credit: Leonoid V. Kruzhov]