Los Angeles Gallery Featuring the Works of … Dennis Hopper

And you thought
Dennis Hopper was only known for acting, easy riding, and epic drug use:  turns out, he’s an artist as well. 
The Telegraph is reporting
that Dennis Hopper’s work is currently on exhibit at the Ace Gallery, in Los Angeles.  The work includes Hopper’s
photography and paintings — examples of hobbies which he has enjoyed, apparently, since he was 9 years old.

"I was always into art," says Hopper. "Being an actor, I had the time. It’s all part of the same
sensibility. I cannot imagine an artist who doesn’t want to be involved in the arts, and I think of acting as an

His work is apparently appeals to collectors as well — according to The Times, during opening night at the
gallery, "Mr. Hopper sold five billboards, making $1 million (£575,500) in a few hours."

exhibit continues through July 1st.