Tim Doyle’s Unreal Estate exhibit in San Francisco

Austin-based serigraph artist, Tim Doyle, is currently participating in his debut solo show at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. For fans of Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse, Doyle’s work should seem familiar–he was a creative director for the theater’s Mondo Posters through 2009. In ‘Unreal Estate’, Doyle explores pop culture locations through limited-edition, hand-printed screen prints and original art. The exhibit opened last week and will be open through February 23rd. You can rsvp on the event Facebook page. If you’ll be in San Francisco this month, check this show out.

New record-inspired art exhibit in the airport of San Francisco, California

Those who find themselves traveling through San Francisco International Airport (SFO) from October 8, 2011- March 12, 2012, will be happy to hear they will be able to take in some art and culture while waiting for their flight. Located beyond security screening at Terminal 2 you can find Revolutions per Minute: The Evolution of the Record, which illustrates the evolution of the record as well as displays a variety of album artwork from different musical genres. See wind-up phonographs, old record players, and designs from artists like Andy Warhol and Jim Flora. Viewing of the exhibit is free.

Art is nothing new to SFO, which houses the SFO Museum. This museum was established in 1980 by the Airport Commission in order to educate the public as well as humanize the airport and display the unique culture of San Francisco. What makes it really special is that it is the only accredited airport museum to date. In fact, you can find about 20 different galleries throughout the San Francisco International Airport, all with rotating exhibits.