Daily Pampering: The Art Of Shaving Travel Kit & Razor

Taking care of yourself “on the road” usually involves a quick shower and a shave in a lousy hotel bathroom. Thankfully, for men who have the time (and money) to pamper themselves, there is The Art Of Shaving.

The Art Of Shaving is a line of personal care products that upgrade your morning shave from a quick rub with your Braun into a 4 step luxury experience.

The Art Of Shaving travel kit comes in a high quality leather case, and includes three shaving products, a badger hair brush and a luxury razor.

The four steps (as described by The Art Of Shaving) are: prepare, lather up, shave and moisturize. I took the kit for a test over a couple of mornings, and while it does add a couple of minutes to my already busy routine. the results are quite impressive – and certainly well worth the effort. Using the badger brush to create a lather is not only a bunch of fun – it also makes you feel like you are giving yourself a real barber shop trim.

The razor uses regular Gillette blades, but is made of premium materials – and certainly feels like a quality piece of shaving gear.

The travel kit comes in four versions – unscented, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil and sandalwood essential oil. Each kit costs $150, and is available from theartofshaving.com, where you’ll also find more travel friendly pamper products.

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