The floating Aerohotel

Russian architect Alexander Asadov is fighting global warming with innovative building designs. His latest concept is a floating Aerohotel, pictured above. This floating island features a 200-meter hub containing hotel rooms or residences, cafes, winter gardens, and restaurants.

The Aerohotel is held aloft by a system of supports and three main legs anchored to the bottom of the site, and unlike man-made islands with tons of gravel fill, this design preserves the aquatic ecosystem below. Asadov’s studio states that the construction costs and environmental impact of his design are significantly lower than gravel works projects.

This design can be installed in any body of water, and the plan includes docks for boats and a landing strip for zeppelins. Because if you’re cool enough to live in a floating island, you’re cool enough to travel by zeppelin.

The design is certainly interesting and futuristic, but is it aesthetically pleasing, or is it an eyesore? The idea is very appealing, but I’m not yet sold on the look. What do you think?