Plans to scatter ashes of famous Everest climber canceled

Earlier this month, Kraig reported on plans to scatter the ashes of famous Mount Everest climber Sir Edmund HIlary at the peak as a final tribute to the famous mountaineer. Now according to the BBC, it appears those plans have been canceled after concerns were raised by the Buddhist community.

Apa Sherpa, who is shooting for a record-breaking 20th climb of Mount Everest, was planning to honor HIlary by bringing his ashes to the top. But a group of Buddhist lamas has warned that doing so would bring bad luck to Everest, a mountain which is considered sacred by local sherpas. It was also feared that leaving the ashes at the summit would set a dangerous precedent, encouraging other climbers to leave remains at the top. Hilary’s ashes will instead be kept at a nearby monastery.

Edmund Hilary passed away in 2008 at the age of 88. He and his sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first climbers known to have reached the summit of Mount Everest.