Coney Island’s Astroland has one more year

Coney Island in New York is staying as is–more or less–for one more year. Astroland, the amusement park there can stay for a little while longer.This past summer when my husband, kids and I were visiting my brother in Manhattan, we headed to Coney Island because I wanted to see it at least once in my life. It had hovered around my idea bank of things to do in New York for years, but we never made the time. Plus, I’d heard it was rather grungy so my motivation was low. Nothing like a deadline to get one moving and on a subway.

The best parts of going to Coney Island were the black and white photographs on the Coney Island subway station walls. People sure looked like they were having fun back in the 1920s when the park was in its glory. Because we went there during a weekday and it was cloudy, the boardwalk, beach and amusement park weren’t crowded. It actually felt a bit desolate. I hope by next summer more people will show up because it must be dreadful being a vendor there waiting to make a sale.

If you want some Coney Island nostalgia, the Coney Island Museum is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the famous landmark location. It’s being renovated until November 16.