Atlanta, GA: Historic Hotspot & Hometown Heroes

I’ll be in Atlanta, GA in a couple of weeks as I prepare to head out on my round the world trip. I decided to spin through the AOL Cityguide: Atlanta, just to peek at what they recommend for kicks and giggles in my favorite southern city. If you’re in town on January 15th, check out the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations and rally at the MLK Jr. National Historic site.

There are some cities, countries, and places that you just seem to gravitate to time and again, a relationship of catch and release with those home-away-from-home locales that you know like your own backyard. My romance with Atlanta began after reading Tom Wolfe’s scathing yet entertaining geo-cultural expose’, A Man in Full, I had visions of living in the diverse, drama-filled, fast paced city of the novel. I visit the city several times each year for work and play, and if I could find a way to deal with the traffic I would consider relocating permanently.

You have to love a place nicknamed “Hotlanta“, and after a long weekend, you’ll know why. January is a great time to visit this gem with mild temperatures, southern charm, and startling cultural diversity. So after you get your holiday celebration on, hit one or all of my favorite Atlanta hotspots. And yes, all of the streets are named “Peachtree.”

6. The Sun Dial Restaurant
5. The High Museum of Art
4. The Georgia Aquarium
3. The Atlanta Botanical Garden
2. Cafe Intermezzo
1. The Flying Biscuit

Bonus:’s Top Ten Books about Atlanta