Photo of the Day (5/1/08)

It might not be fair to let me judge for the Photo of the Day series. Clearly my bias towards things with wings is known. So as long as the powers that be don’t catch on to my skyward leanings, I’ll pick shots like this one.

I’m also a fan of blue and white. If the contrails could have just been a bright yellow, well, we would have just created my family crest.

My obvious bias aside, this picture, taken by jonrawlinson, makes for a great background for any pilot’s computer desktop. It’s currently set as mine, in fact.

The only question remaining was what kind of plane and which airline was flying it? Some thought it was British Airways, but the color scheme when viewed at the full size proved otherwise. It’s an Atlas Air 747-400, probably heading to my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. Well done Jonrawlinson!

It’s too bad we don’t have a video of the week contest at Gadling. Jon’s amazing HD video of Death Valley would have easily been a winner.

If you have a travel related picture that you’d like to share, then join the Gadling group on Flickr and submit some of them for our Photo of the Day.