Video: baby bear attack?

I saw this horrifying article about a 19 year old girl being killed by a bear while on the phone with her mother the other day. Maybe you read the gruesome story, too. It was terrifying. Reading it basically ruined my day. But, apparently, reading that news story wasn’t enough for me. I proceeded to scour YouTube for bear and bear-attack related videos. Which, for the record, isn’t really a good idea. Not if you want to have any semblance of a normal, functioning day at least. But I digress.

While searching YouTube, I came across this video of a man being approached by a baby bear. And he’s playing with the baby bear. And it’s kind of cute. Kind of. Maybe it’s just me being neurotic me, but here’s my question: Where is mama bear? And why does this guy seem unconcerned with asking himself that very same question? I don’t care which corner of the world I’m in, if a baby bear comes running toward me, I’m outta there. Anyone with me on this one?