Hatfield and McCoy Trails

As the popularity of ATV riding is growing, the places where you can ride them are also expanding. Last year I found out there were ATV trails in Wayne National Forest when I was writing an article on outdoor family adventure travel in Ohio. There are other places where trails abound. One place I also just found about has an interesting story. Do the names Hatfield and McCoy ring a bell?

These are probably the most famous feuding families in the United States. The Hatfields from West Virginia and the McCoys from Kentucky got all riled up 100 years ago and fought with each other for 12 years. Basically, this involved killing and mayhem. The trail system named after them spans several counties in West Virginia and was developed as a money maker. There’re not many ways to make a bundle in the economically depressed regions of coal country. This one is working well.

From the way things are going in ATV land, the trails are a lucrative money maker. There are six trails in the 550 mile area on private land. If you’re interested in heading this way, you can check out www.trailsheaven.com.