New York Audio Tours

There are a million different ways to explore New York, and just about as many guidebooks and tour guides to help you out.

One tourist genre that has grown exponentially in the last few years is the MP3 audio tour. Initially the tours that first appeared were the typical, “walk down this street and on your left you’ll see this iconic landmark.” But, as with all new industries, a growing number of niche audio tours are emerging to stand out from the crowd.

New York Times columnist Seth Kugel recently “went to town” with some of the better options and has kindly shared them with us.

Soundwalk appears to be his favorite. The company offers 13 tours at $12 a pop that are “led by quirky New Yorkers who direct you to places and enter doors where you would otherwise never be.” Very cool!

For a description of the other audio tours reviewed, click here.