Weekend tip: Stockholm goes all out for 08.08.08

Tomorrow (08.08.08) not only marks the start of the 2008 Olympic Games, but it’s also the day for Stockholm’s Go08 festival. Why does the 08.08.08 date carry significance for Stockholmites? It’s their telephone area code; in Swedish they’re often referred to as “08ers.” So because Friday’s calendar date was special the City of Stockholm decided to throw a party, and it’s going to be full of music, food and dancing into the late hours.

Along with various musical acts playing in two of the cities main squares — Kungsträdgården and Medborgarplatsen — Stockholm’s Old Town will be the battleground of a “water war.” The water war isn’t part of the city’s official festivities, but if you’re in the area and planning on doing some sightseeing you just might want to bring your water gun for the showdown.

Don’t expect to pay too much for Go08; all activities are somewhere between free and 8 SEK (about $1.30). And what city-wide party wouldn’t be complete without fireworks? There will be a whole 8 minutes and 8 seconds of them in the evening to look forward to. Seems like there isn’t a better day to be in the Swedish capital.