Word for the Travel Wise (08/04/06)

Last few times I’ve ventured to the land down under for a bit of lingo trivia and conversation I’ve clung to the likes of Aboriginal vocabulary and whether all Aboriginals are from the bush lands or not, I’m not certain. However, I saw this “bush term” and couldn’t pass on passing it onto the rest of the world. It has this rather whimsical ring to it and makes something as simple as stargazing seem out of this world. Which I suppose you could say it is…

Today’s word is a Bush word used in Australia:

bush telly – watching the stars (also noted as campfire in some places)

Hiroyuki Yokose does a great job outlining Aboriginal words used in Australian English like our vocab words from the past. For additional words you may wish to check out his findings. The Bangerang Cultural Centre is one of the first Aboriginal museums in the country and has a list of words online from this particular tribe. Wiki lists a large number of tribes and languages found in Australia which if you already haven’t set your mind on one in particular you can try picking one off their list. Try Lonely Planet’s Outback Australia guide for additional offline reading and trip planning.

Past Aboriginal/Australian words: cooee, yabber