Arnold Schwarzenegger museum opens in Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s childhood home has opened as a museum in Thal, Austria.

Arnie grew up in modest circumstances–his home didn’t have running water or electricity. Despite these limitations, he started pumping up at an early age and his bedroom displays some of his exercise equipment. This dedication eventually led him to becoming Mr. Universe. There are also mementos from his movie career like Conan’s sword and a couple of statues from the Terminator movies. Another section documents his time as governor of California.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum has already received a visit from the man himself, who gave it his approval. The BBC website has a short video walk-through of some of the displays.

If you’re passing through Austria, Thal is just outside the city of Graz. Please visit the museum and send us some photos!

[Photo courtesy U.S. Navy]