For sale: Austrian Alps

The Austrian firm Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft is causing controversy by trying to sell two summits in the Carnic Alps. Rosskopf and Grosse Kinigat are being sold despite protests from locals. While the company has said that purchasers won’t be allowed to fence off the peaks or deny mountaineers from passing by, people are still wondering why they’re being sold.

And well they should. Nobody is going to spend 121,000 euros ($175,280) without plans to build, and the Alps look best without any human interference. Not that this area is completely unspoilt. During World War One the Austro-Hungarian army fought the Italians from these peaks, and there’s a war memorial on one of them.

Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft is a government-owned corporation that specializes in selling public lands such as these two peaks.

Still, the peaks must have some great views and challenging climbs. Rosskopf is 2,603m (8,540 ft.) and Grosse Kinigat is 2,689m (8,822 ft.). So if you want to buy an Alp or two and get some angry neighbors in the bargain, give Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft a call.

[Photo of Grosse Kinigat courtesy Wikimedia Commons]