Curious George Has a Cottage

Curious George never grows old. I read Curious George books as a kid, and my daughter who’s heading to high school in September [gaad!!!] read Curious George books when she was small enough to sit on my lap. Since then, we’ve moved them from her book shelf to my five year-old son’s. One of the ways I get writing done before we head out in the morning is because Curious George helps me out. He comes on PBS (Public Television) every morning at 8:00. Whee!!! Thank you, George.

For those of you who have fond memories of this mischievous monkey, or have Curious George still in a prominent spot in your lives, the Curious George Cottage in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire is a place you might want to swing by. This is the house where George’s creators Margaret and H.A. Rey escaped to when they needed a break from the busyness of New York City where they lived.

The cottage is now a child and adult friendly literary place where nature is part of the package. Art shows, writers’ workshops, lectures, nature walks and activities for kids are part of the offerings. There are plans in the works to build an observatory for star gazing, one of H.A.’s passions. (H.A. stands for Hans Augusto, by the way.)