Volkswagen Routan passengers can get online thanks to Autonet Mobile

There are many ways you can entertain yourself on a (long) road trip – many vehicles have DVD players, and some even come with connectors for your iPod and iPhone. But Autonet Mobile takes entertainment on the road to the next level.

Today, Autonet Mobile and Volkswagen announced the availability of uconnect web “powered by Autonet Mobile”. This $499 accessory turns the Volkswagen Routan into a WiFi hotspot on wheels.

Monthly subscription plans start at $29.95 (for a 1GB bundle) and the service operates on a nationwide 3G network. The minimum contract period is one year.

So, if listening to the passengers continuously ask “are we there yet?” is proving to be a bit too much for you, why not offer the kids Internet access and let them do their myspacey things while you focus on the road?

Uconnect web is available this month at over 600 Volkswagen dealers.

Want WiFi in your car?

Imagine being to work or surf the internet from the passenger seat on a road trip. Imagine driving to some remote destination and being able to and blog about it, or check your scores, or Skype your girlfriend, or whatever you do just by being in or near your car! Welcome to the future, readers. Autonet Mobile has arrived.

This April 10 — April 18 at the New York Auto Show, the Cadillac CTS Sports Sedan will debut with full roaming internet access. Holy rolling hotspot!

Autonet Mobile is already available as a dealer-installed option for all new and used Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles across the US, but this new partnership with Cadillac includes the company’s latest generation mobile router, a new smaller unit that allows consumers to easily transfer it from car to car via a new docking station.

Cadillac WiFi by will be available nationwide starting in April, and subscription plans start at $29 per month.