Ringtones Right From the Cockpit

Do you dream of piloting an aircraft? Now you can be one step closer to the cockpit — with your phone!

Seriously, this guy is selling ringtones created from real cockpit noises. “The tones I have created are actual aural warning alerts heard in the cockpits that I have access to in my line of work. They are rarely if ever heard in public. I have cleaned up the sounds where I can and they really sound great on your typical cell phone. When used as ringtones these alerts WILL definitely get your attention and of those around you.”

Yes, they “WILL,” because they’re some of the most obnoxious sounds on the planet. I’m sure they’re designed that way for a reason, and — while flying a plane — are very useful. But be warned: by choosing to put these on your phone you are willingly and deliberately alienate anyone within earshot.

That being said, if you really want to be alerted to phone calls by actual airplane noises, head over to the website where you can sample the sounds of “WHOOP WHOOP PULL UP” (what you’d hear just before impact), “Boeing 757/767 Master Caution,” “BINGO-BINGO” (the low fuel warning from an F-16) and many, many more.

At the very least, as noted on the site, “they are sure to garner attention.”

[via Neatorama]