AViiQ unveils 2011 lineup of high-tech travel accessories

The 2011 CeBIT consumer electronics show is taking place this week in Hannover. And this can only mean one thing – another massive amount of shiny new gadgets and accessories for travelers.

One of the first batch of announcements comes from laptop accessory maker AViiQ – maker of the smallest laptop stand in the world, and reviewed here on Gadling.

Their 2011 products include a new version of their laptop stand (in new shades), as well as an even smaller version. New in 2011 is also an innovative gadget bag with a built in 3-port USB charger. And finally in their new lineup is a new iPad case made of aluminum with 2 built in kickstands.

Best of all, customers won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on these goodies – the entire assortment will be available directly from AViiQ in March.