Newest toy for the insanely wealthy – private jet with patio deck

The lives of the insanely wealthy can’t be easy – you spend $10 million on a jet with a bar, and find out that all your equally rich friends did the same. So you add a bedroom with a king size bed. And they do the same. So, what could you possible order for your jet that nobody else has?

How about a sliding patio deck? Apparently the modification involves little more than converting the freight door of your BAe systems Avro Business Jet (and about $16 million).

Imagine not having to mingle with the commoners on your safari – simply find a good landing spot, open a bottle of champagne, and have your staff slide out your patio. The idea comes from the drawing tables of Design Q – a company with a history of stunning aerospace designs.

According to a BAe spokesperson, the Avro Business Jet is “built like a rhino”, and is capable of unpaved landings and ultra short takeoffs. We’ve emailed them asking for a review plane for a couple of weeks, but nobody has replied yet.

Sadly, the Range Rover pictured behind the plane won’t fit inside it, so you’ll need to hire someone to drive the damn thing anywhere you plan to fly.

The always fabulous Mary Kirby (of the Runway Girl blog) has an even better photo of the deck – which makes me want one even more.