Axel Hotels will bring its gay hotel chain to New York City

On Top Magazine is reporting that New York’s first ‘openly gay hotel’ will open its doors in 2011.

Spanish hotelier Axel Hotels currently operates “hetero-friendly” hotels in Barcelona, Berlin and Buenos Aires, and is bringing his newest hotel to Hell’s Kitchen. The hotel will feature amenities like a choice between a “Do Not Disturb” sign and a “Please Disturb” sign. (Sexy!)

Axel Hotels promotes a “heterofriendly” lifestyle and is the first hotel chain aimed at the gay community. A quick look at the hotel’s website and we found that every room is sound-proof, offers central air and heating, in-hotel spas with a full-service spa menu, a fitness center and bars.

On Top says the hotel plans to open up three additional U.S. hotels in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.