Temples and National Parks of Thailand

Much of Thailand’s cultural history and art is found in its temples. There is a mix of ancient temples that function as museums. Built centuries ago, they remain as indicators of just how long grandness has existed here and are one way to trace the conflicts that arose in the country. Parts of temples were destroyed in war, such as with Ayuthaya, now a UNESCO site. It was once the commercial capital of Thailand, then Siam, until it was trounced by the Burmese. There are still many Buddha statues with heads intact in this extensive complex. This video by Glenn Keisel on You Tube has some wonderful shots of various temples and national parks around the country. Ayuthaya is included. The photos aren’t labeled so you won’t know exactly which photos are from which temples, but this will give you a taste of temple hopping. The traditional Thai music makes for a perfect background.