Photo of the Day (06.21.10)

Youth truly is wasted on the young. When I was a kid, I was thoroughly entertained – for hours! – by simply spinning in circles or making a funny sound. I could kill an evening catching fireflies or jumping from couch to couch while avoiding the “lava” that was the carpet. As an adult, I find myself searching for interesting restaurants, purchasing unnecessary gadgets and generally making my life more complicated than it needs to be. I miss the simplicity of childhood. I also kind of wish I was a bison. I think those two things are related.

This image of a young bison in Yellowstone National Park by Flickr user fiznatty helped be shake off my adult onset ennui and remember just how awesome childhood (and bison life) is. Do you think that if I killed and ate that little guy that I could absorb his life force? Probably not. I think that’s frowned upon anyway. Oh well. I guess I’ll just go look for fireflies.

Have you encountered a boundless spirit during your travels? Did you eat its life force? Upload your photos to our Flickr pool and we might choose one to feature as a Photo of the Day.