Dangerous items the TSA does not like – water, knives and shock absorbers!

Yesterday, I posted an article linking to the most up to date ways to be prepared for the security checkpoint at your airport.

One item missing from the lineup of things not to bring, was shock absorbers.

At least, that would appear to be the case after reading this story from a traveler who passed through LAX International airport.

After several delays, and a night at the airport, this passenger arrived home with his luggage, only to discover that 4 shock absorbers for his ’69 Mustang had been removed from his luggage, replaced by a note from the TSA telling him they had inspected his bag.

When he contacted the baggage agent for his airline, he was told that the TSA had confiscated them, but no reason was given for this.

Shock absorbers are not listed on the TSA site as prohibited, and I could not find any category of item that would give them a reason to simply take them. That said – the airlines do have a listing for pressurized items, and I could certainly understand if they consider shocks to fall into that category.

It isn’t clear whether he’ll ever get them back. Lesson for the next time – have them shipped instead.