Ryanair: get in shape, carry your own bags

European object of disdain low-cost carrier Ryanair is always looking for ways to save a few bucks. From pay-to-piss to the fat tax, the airline has put forth a stream of ideas that really haven’t gotten off the ground. Well, CEO Michael O’Leary has a new one to add to the list: mandatory luggage self-service.

Under this new model, passengers would carry their bags through airport security and drop them at the steps at the bottom of the plane. Turnaround times remain a concern – as they are for the fat tax. Let’s be realistic: the only people in the airport more likely to screw something up than baggage handlers are the passengers themselves.

If you spend 15 minutes staring at the menu at Sbarro and can’t figure the damned thing out, you probably shouldn’t be trusted to carry your own bags.

Missing a laptop? Baggage handlers arrested with stolen goods

As far as I can tell, I haven’t had anything stolen from baggage in my travels. I’ve had it opened with an official notice left inside that it’s been searched. As we’ve found out by messages about baggage handlers posted on Gadling–this post has 276 comments–others have not been so fortunate. Some people, though, may get their stolen goods back–not necessarily those who have told us of their woes, but other people.

According to this article at abcActionNews.com, three baggage handlers, employees of Delta Global Services that were contracted by Continental Airlines, were arrested at the Tampa International Airport for stealing goods. From my understanding, it sounds like the police suspected baggage handling funny business because a laptop in bag that was to go to Houston was rigged. The computer didn’t make it to Houston. Instead it was sold. When the new owner turned the computer on, it transmitted a signal so it could be traced. By back-tracking from the woman who bought the computer, the police were able to find out who stole it. Good deal!

Now comes the business of finding the people so they can be reunited with their belongings. Some belongings were still in the thieves’ possession. In case you’re wonder what your electronics are worth to the person who steals them:

  • laptops: $60
  • digital cameras: $50
  • iPods: $10