Northwest Airline’s extra baggage fee and the advantage of children

When I was looking at my Frequent Flier miles summary from Northwest Airlines, the extra baggage fee notice caught my eye. The surcharge of $25 for the second bag starts on May 5. Grant wrote a post about why airlines have taken to such money making strategies. As a person who is not the lightest of packers, I have some incentive now to really think about what I’m loading into a suitcase. This means I’ll have to do better than the last minute pack job I’m so geared towards.

The excess baggage rules do remind me of the advantage of traveling with a small child. Small children’s clothes don’t weigh much or take up much space. If a child is over two, you’ve already paid for the seat and with that seat comes a checked bag. Take advantage of the packing space. As long as your kids are in child sizes, you’ll do fine. Since kids get a carry-on too, put toys and essentials in that. Perhaps, you can even tuck in some of your items. Your toddler might not be able to carry the carry-on onto the plane, but that’s not part of the regulations. Kids are also good for carrying things like video cameras. Just sling the strap over one shoulder so the strap crosses the chest. With some careful planning, you might be able to take advantage of the extra space a child affords for at least seven years.