Urbanears Bagis headphones: snaps together to prevent tangles

With so many new headphones hitting the market each week, it takes some decent innovation to get any attention. Thankfully, Swedish headphone maker Urbanears understands a thing or two about making smart headphones, and they used those skills to develop their latest addition: the Bagis.

The headphones themselves grab your attention immediately because of their colors; the Bagis lineup is available in 18 different colors – and unlike most other headphones, the color in the Bagis is found on the entire product – from plug to cord to bud to earpiece and remote.

When not in use, you simply snap the two earpieces together, greatly reducing the change of nasty tangles. An all fabric cord also helps reduce “cord noise”. Audio is fantastic — especially since the Bagis only cost $30. You’ll find the entire color lineup and links to purchase options at Urbanears.com.