The best of the worst at CES 2010 – TV in a bag and keyboard cleaning slime

Even though I don’t have the firm numbers, I’m going to make something up – for every great product at CES, there are at least 100 crap ones. It is pretty sad when you listen to someone pitch you their product, but you can’t help think what a truly horrible idea it is. I came across 100’s of such products, but I’ve picked two that really stood out.


BagTV is a “designer handbag” with a TV. Well, it isn’t even a real TV, it’s just a portable DVD player that slides into a bag with a small window. This is of course fantastic for the huge market of women that want to walk down the street showing movies to random people.

But don’t take my word for it, read the product description from the manufacturer:

“Bavtv Designer bags where fashion blends with Technology. You might have a number of designer bags in your collection that look amazing when used as accessories for specific outfits. Maybe you like to use certain bags for particular occasions and seem to have a bag for all eventualities. Have you got a bag that you can watch your favourite film on though, or a bag that can promote new fashion lines just as they are being released? Have any of your other designer bags got a TV screen built into them that combines a dvd and Mpeg player? Probably not, but you could add to your collection of trendy bags and purchase a brand new tv bag.

The price? $400. If I am mistaken, and there really is a market for this product, you can order one from

Cyber Clean

Several days before CES, I received a surprise in the mail – a pouch of bright yellow slime called “Cyber Clean”. This product has been a bit of joke around the CES floor, and even caught the attention of Enagdget – who took it for a test drive on a very filthy laptop. The product is exactly the same as the kids slime you’ll find at your local toy store, but with the addition of a hard to open bag and a little fragrance.

Its purpose? It is designed to clean and sanitize your electronics. The idea behind Cyber Clean is that you push it into the crevices of your products, and when you pull it off, it’ll lift up all the crud you dropped into your keyboard, phone or other device.

Not only could I not get it to clean anything, I found the idea of letting slime ooze into my $200 keyboard to be just a but too much. The product is developed by a company called Joker – who specialize in making kids slime. It suddenly all makes sense. Priced at $5.99 per pouch, you can pick up some of your own Cyber Clean goo here.