Video: Macroworld Of Bali

Macroworld of Bali” from on Vimeo.

Many people who flock to Bali each year go, at least in part, for the ocean scenery. Unmistakably gorgeous waters unfold at the foot of the sand on Bali beaches. Those seeking adventure experience the water intimately – through scuba diving and snorkeling. The life beneath the sea is just as worth the visit as anything else in Bali. If you need some proof, check out this video. Featuring footage of the macro life of Bali, this video is evidence to the fact that Bali is beautiful on every level.

Video of the day: Bali, Indonesia

BALI, JE T’AIME! from artisland on Vimeo.

Now seems as good a time as any other to take a trip to Bali. To sprawl out on the sands and relax in the waters under the sun amid such beautiful culture certainly seems like a dream as the intensity and work load that come with every new year continues to pile. Luckily for all of us not currently embarking on a voyage to Bali, Andrew Melikov put this gorgeous ‘Postcard from Bali’ type video up on Vimeo. Complete with images of local artisans, droplets of water on blades of grass, crashing waterfalls, gentles breezes making the vegetation dance, children climbing trees and flying kites, this video effectively captures a vacation destination on film beyond the resorts wherein so many tourists find themselves confined.