Video of the week (3.12.10)

Last week we kicked off our new feature, the ‘Video of the Week’ with a wonderful scene taken from the nose gear of a 747 that was flying freight in Africa. This week, the pilot and videographer uploaded a “How-To” video that shows just how those exceptional scenes were captured, and just how they managed to lower the nose gear without dropping the main landing gear at the same time.

While that’s not this week’s video of the week, we just couldn’t get away from Balleka’s YouTube channel just yet. I wanted to share a video he did from the perspective of the Flight Engineer or “FE.” The FE is in charge of that rather large panel that sits behind the pilots on older aircraft like the 727 and, in this case the 747-200. In this rather amusing video, the “FE” laments that he’s working with “Clowns to the left of him and Jokers to the right.”

Full disclosure: I was an FE for over 4 years and I can certainly relate. It’s a thankless job that doesn’t even offer the chance to hand-fly a landing at the end of the day-which is the best part of the trip.

So here’s Balleka’s tribute to the FE, called the FE’s Lament 2010.

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Video of the week (3.05.10)

Welcome to a new feature at Gadling. We’ve been doing the photo of the day, culled from many of the contributors to the Gadling group on Flickr, for years. But we’ve come across enough exceptional videos that we’ve now decided to share them with you each Friday.

The video chosen for our first Video of the Week is from Balleka, a 747 freighter pilot who had the crazy idea to stick an inexpensive Contour HD helmet camera on the nose gear of a 747-200. While the taxi-out and takeoff are entertaining to watch in HD, the approach and landing are simply spectacular. I honestly can’t stop watching this video, in fact.

As Balleka says, “The flight was from Johannesburg, South Africa to Maputo, Mozambique, and we were cleared for a visual approach onto RWY 05 as we were passing FL120 about 25nm out. Airline flying doesn’t get much better than this!”

I agree. But there’s absolutely no way I’ll be mounting my camera to the 767 nosegear anytime soon.

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