GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of November 19

Now that you’re settling in and letting all that turkey digest and I have your attention I think it is the perfect opportunity to serve you this week’s five favorites found on Gadling.

5. The Post on Hookup Travel:
Face it – the holidays can be a drag without someone there to cuddle with in the lodge on your ski vaca or to without a hand to hold as you stroll alone down a sandy beach on the islands. In short, if you’re single and desperately wishing not to go solo this season check out this piece on hookup travel.

4. Stink 0, Airlines 1:
Here’s an interesting story of a smelly German guy who got booted from his flight for being a little too offensive with his odor. The poor fellow never made it to court and his case was tossed anyway considering his odor wasn’t due to disability or illness. That stinks! (No pun intended.) Read the full deal for yourself.

3. How to Bargain Abroad: The Right Way:

Savvy shoppers know how to bargain, yet there are two ways of going about this sport: the right way and the wrong way. If you’re good and I mean really good at doing it the right way you’re bound to score some awesome goods, otherwise you’ll be like the rest of us suckers getting jacked by high prices. Learn to do it right.

2. Stashing your Goods in Your Sandals:
For all the gift-giving individuals out there, give your loved one the gift of peace-of-mind. These women’s sandals by Reef allow you to stash a credit card or two, a key and some cash in a secret compartment. Pretty cool gear piece if you’ve always been one to cling to your goods on the beach fearing someone would take them.

1. America the Unfriendly:
Say it ain’t so? Or is it? Is it really that hard making it into our borders? Visas that tough to obtain? You be the decision-maker.