Photo Of The Day: Vendor In Delhi

Street vendors – you seem them everywhere. From the newsstands of Las Ramblas in Barcelona to the Pad Thai carts of Bangkok, street side commerce is an inevitable, enjoyable part of daily urban life for most of the world. In today’s photo, taken by Flickr user clee130, we find a balloon and toy seller in New Delhi, India. The bright colorful orbs create a striking visual focal point to the image. The man’s comical devil ears add another element of whimsy to the scene.

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Bring a beach ball – Airplane tip

Not just for beaches anymore, bring a beach ball on your next long flight, semi-inflate it, and use it as a foot rest.

The beach ball keeps your feet slightly elevated, which is good for circulation. To massage the soles of your feet, every 30 minutes or so roll the beach ball in small circles using the bottom of your feet.