Beam N Read personal LED reading light review

In the world of travel gadgets, simpler is usually better – and there is no better example of this than the Beam N Read personal portable LED light. The Beam N Read is a compact battery operated LED light that you wear around your neck. The product really isn’t much more than a strap, a couple of LED’s and a battery pack.

The Beam N Read is available in a version with 3 LEDs and one with 6 LEDs. The practical applications are endless – but I came across the product when I was searching for the perfect reading light to use with the Amazon Kindle.

Using the Beam N Read won’t require a user guide – you simply hang it around your neck, and turn it on. Even that part can’t go wrong – turning it on involves little more than folding the light up to the angle you want it.

With the 3 LED version (the BNR 3), a set of 4 AA’s will keep things powered for 120 hours – the 6 LED Beam N Read lasts 48 hours. The Beam N Read 6 comes with a magnifying lens and a light filter designed to make the white LEDs less harsh.

Using the Beam N Read in real life is where I realized that this simple looking product really performs perfectly – by keeping the design simple, the folks behind this product (ASF Lightware Solutions) managed to create what I consider to be the best Amazon Kindle reading light.

Of course, the uses don’t stop there – the light is also perfect for working on your laptop in your bedroom (or on a dark plane), reading a book in the dark or even for some extra light in your tent. The photo above is of a Kindle in a totally dark room – and the photo was taken without a flash.

Best of all, the prices are very reasonable – just $19.95 for the 3 LED version, and $25.95 for the 6 LED version. All in all a very simple and effective product. You’ll find more information about the product over at