SkyMall Monday: Beamz Interactive Music System

You simply don’t hear very many people complaining about the lack of new instruments being invented. Basically, since we electrified the guitar, we’ve been set with all of the instruments that humanity needs. Granted, converting turntables from music players to music makers was pretty ingenious, but it wasn’t necessarily the invention of an instrument. At this point, we’re set for making music. Yet, this week’s SkyMall Monday features the quintessential SkyMall instrument because it, of course, has lasers. Sit back and enjoy the melodious seduction of the Beamz Interactive Music System.We’re long overdue for an instrument that combines the digital presets of a synthesizer with the hair growth-encouraging powers of lasers. Previously, only John Tesh was able to create riffs that simultaneously mesmerized and annoyed listeners. Now, however, we can all produce the kind of smooth adult contemporary jams that dentists’ offices so desperately need.

Think that lasers have no business in music? Believe that instruments should not be called “interactive music systems?” Well, while you play the triangle, we’ll be reading the product description:

Don’t just listen to your favorite music — join the band! You don’t have to be a musician — with the Beamz, anyone can steal the show.

Pass a hand or finger through the laser beams to jazz up your favorite tunes with hundreds of sounds.

No longer does listening to music need to be a passive activity. Finally, you can “jazz up” the songs that were produced by professional musicians with your own laser-induced ideas.

But, you don’t just have to alter existing songs. Once you become proficient in the Beamz Interactive Music System, you can create your own masterpieces that will enthrall your friends and confuse your grandparents. I, for one, look forward to hearing your laser tunes the next time I’m walking through a shopping mall.

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