Top Ten Best Hotel Bed Jumps

You may remember hearing about Hotel Bed Jumping back when Willy wrote about it in April of 2007 (Bed Jumping: Sounds Dirty … But Isn’t). Well, I was searching for pictures of hotel beds on Flickr (under the Creative Commons license, of course) and found a bevy of exceptionally talented bed jumpers.

And when I find a group of fun pictures? I do what any decent blogger would do — I glorify the best ones in a Top Ten, each with its own accolade (Most Artistic, Least Artistic, etc.). Happy Hotel Month, everyone! Enjoy.


All images courtesy Chrispitality, used in accordance with Creative Commons, 2.0.

Bed Jumping: Sounds Dirty … But Isn’t

Though Bed Jumping sounds like something your friend’s ooky parents did after their infamous Key Parties, it’s actually something different altogether. In this extreme(-ish) sport, participants check into their hotel rooms and then, well, jump on the bed. The only rule is that you must photograph yourself BJ’ing and then upload it to Hotels By City’s Flickr photostream. The “best” shots then get uploaded to HBC’s site.

Bed Jumping can be done individually, as a group, while doing other activities or while wearing masks. You even get extra points for face plants. Happily, this equal-opportunity activity even allows for this poor man to participate, despite his obvious physical deformity. (Ouch … that’s gonna hurt.)

If all this bed jumping is a little too juvenile for you, you can always check out HBC’s user-submitted shots of various hotel pools. It’s cool, too, though not as offbeat.