Scientists confirm our worst fear: the super bedbug is here to stay

The results from a large bedbug study at Ohio State University have been revealed – and they don’t look good. According to scientists, bedbugs are turning into super bedbugs by becoming resistant to most common pesticides.

Compared to ten years ago, bedbugs are one thousand times more resistant to chemicals that used to kill them – and are less prone to stress from heat, cold and dehydration.

Even more alarming is that bedbugs in New York City are 250 times more resistant to pesticides than bugs from Florida – which explains why New York has such a massive bedbug problem at the moment.

The report from Ohio State is quite complex, but certainly worth a read if you like waking up in the middle of the night from bedbug nightmares.

Check out this article for more tips on how to detect and remove bedbugs – by taking basic precautions, you may be able to prevent spreading the infestation.

[Photo: AFP/Getty Images]

Video: How to detect and kill bedbugs in your hotel room

Now bed bugs have gone from occasional nuisance to major problem in some cities, it makes sense to educate yourself on how to detect and kill these pests.

In this video, you’ll see Michael Colongione, president of GotchA! Bedbug Inspectors explain how you can prevent taking bedbugs with you, and how to spot them in your (hotel) room.

With some simple tips, like carrying a flashlight and checking books in the nightstand, you’ll know exactly where to look.

If you do come across bedbugs, you can of course pack up your things and get another room. Alternatively, if your belongings are already infected, you can now kill the bugs with Pronto Plus, an EPA approved bedbug spray. Pronto Plus is available in a 3 oz. travel size canister, making it approved for transporting through security in your carry-on bag.

The travel size spray is available at Walmart, and you’ll find it in the first aid aisle.